Mission and History


The Charlotte International Arbitration Society (CIAS) is a non-profit corporation that promotes, encourages, and facilitates the use of Charlotte, North Carolina for international arbitration.  Its membership includes law firms, businesses, and other professionals with an interest in international trade and commerce.

CIAS was founded in 2014 in recognition of the fact that Charlotte and the Carolinas are a hub of international business. The growth of international trade in the region requires access to recognized international arbitration services in a cost-effective, convenient location.

Charlotte welcomes all interested parties and arbitration service providers. CIAS may provide information about persons, organizations, or services of interest to parties conducting arbitrations in Charlotte. Parties should make their own arrangements for arbitral and other services. CIAS does not manage the arbitration process, nor does it receive compensation for its role.


As part of its mission, CIAS seeks to promote and support arbitration throughout the Carolinas. CIAS seeks to educate the legal and business communities about the arbitration process, and to engage them in support of arbitration. Representative activities include:

  • Developing and promoting the Charlotte, North Carolina region as a preferred forum for international arbitration;
  • Connecting companies, organizations, and individuals that have an interest in promoting international arbitration in the Charlotte region;
  • Facilitating services and support that contribute to making the Charlotte region a thriving center of international arbitration;
  • Including as Members, without limitation, (i) businesses and law firms engaged or interested in international commerce, (ii) arbitrators and mediators, and (iii) arbitration – related organizations and associations;
  • Involving in the activities of the CIAS (i) governmental agencies, (ii) universities, colleges and vocational training institutions, (iii) trade associations, (iv) arbitration organizations and associations, (v) economic development organizations and (vi) organizations offering complimentary services and support;
  • Increasing awareness of the Charlotte area as an international arbitration venue through literature, programming and promotion of international arbitration best practices;
  • Educating, informing and fostering discussion of the social and economic benefits of attracting international arbitrations to the Charlotte region; and
  • Informing and educating industries, companies, legal professionals, and the public about the importance, role and benefits of international arbitration.


From time to time CIAS will work to advance the development of law and policy related to arbitration in the Carolinas. This may include participating in legislative processes, publishing articles or position papers, attending or holding conferences, and similar activities.

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