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Legal Presence & Support 

The Charlotte region is served by more than 6,000 lawyers in North and South Carolina. Attorneys in Charlotte are members of both the North Carolina State Bar and the Mecklenburg County Bar Associations. Click here for more information regarding the courts, operations, calendars, forms, opinions, mediator lists, and other related topics. Click here to learn more about the South Carolina Judicial Department operations.

Court Support for Arbitration

Recourse to arbitration is provided for under Federal and State law in both North and South Carolina.

Charlotte is located in the Western Federal District of North Carolina. The North Carolina Federal District Court websites include the Western Federal District at , the Middle Federal District at, and the Eastern Federal District at

The website for the South Carolina Federal District Court is located at

In the North Carolina State Court system, Charlotte is part of the 26th Division of the North Carolina General Court of Justice.  North Carolina Judicial Department information can be found at and .

The South Carolina Judicial Department maintains websites at and

Carolinas Arbitration Statutes

In 1991, North Carolina adopted most provisions of UNCITRAL (the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law) under the North Carolina International Commercial Arbitration and Conciliation Act, codified at North Carolina General Statutes, Chapter 1, Article 45B. As the premier advocate for the growth of international arbitration in the Carolinas, members of the Charlotte International Arbitration Society were part of a task force that led a successful campaign to update the North Carolina recently signed into law by Governor Cooper. For the text of the Act, see

The UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules can be found at

The South Carolina Uniform Arbitration Act can be found at